Catering/Private Classes

Private cooking classes are so affordable.
Have you every dreamed of having your own private chef?
This is a perfect gift for the newly wed, student or anyone that loves to eat.


Well now you can.  For the $50 per hour, minimum 4 hours plus the cost of food and traveling time.  This price is for one person.  Packages available for 2 or more.  We can teach you anything in the world of culinary you want to know.  We can fill your fridge or freezer with goodies as you learn how to move your way along the culinary highway.  Anything from ABC of cooking classes, French, Pie making, to Hungarian.  From simple baking to the artisanal Breads, afternoon tea, children's cooking parties, private cooking parties, vegetarian delight or even exotic cuisine.  We at Grayson's Catering can help you with all your culinary desires.  Give us a try.


Email us at or call us today at 604-671-5401.  We would be pleased to help you in any culinary adventure.