Meals To Go

Meals To Go

SEE MENU BELOW or we can plan menus for you and your family
We only use the best products we can find.

If you would like to customize your items (e.g. spicy or low salt) we will accommodate at no extra cost to you. It's just our way of giving you personalized service.

Please note that each item is in single portion servings and priced individually. In order to not incur a single portion sur-charge (%25 single item sur-charge) minimum is 5 portions per item. These are pick up prices only. Delivery charge will apply. See order form on how to order.
Prices subject to change

Soups (2 servings) 4 cups size
Hot beef Borsht $18.00

Vegetarian beet borsht $14.00

Gaspacho (cold) $14.00

Cream of Broccoli and cheese $14.00
Green Pea soup $12.00

Beef Barley soup $12.00
Chunky beef and rice soup $12.00
Home made chicken soup $18.00 add two matzo ball $4.00

Curry Chicken and Rice $10.00

Egg drop soup $10.00

Wonton soup $14.00

Cream of corn soup $14.00

Cream of Mushroom soup $14.00

Vegetarian vegetable soup $12.00

Main Dishes serves one
Creamy Macaroni and cheese $12.00
Beef Lasagna $14.00
Chicken Pot pie $14.00
Seasoned Chicken legs $10.00 2 pieces
Bbq all beef meatballs $14.00
Boneless chicken thighs, light bbq sauce $14.00
Boulaibase, Tomato based fish stew $25.00
Goulash Stew $18.00
Breaded chicken tenders $14.00
Veal and beef meatloaf, brown sugar topping $14.00
Penne with garlic sausage, tomato sauce $13.00
Shepherds pie $13.00

Paprika Chicken $13.00

Tofu pot pie $12.00
Eggplant parmesan $11.00
Honey Garlic chicken wings $15.00
Spaghetti with meat sauce $15.00

Spaghetti with margarita sauce $12.00

Side dishes serves one

Moroccan couscous $4.00

Real Mashed potatoes $4.00
White rice pilaf $4.00
Hand made pinch dumpling (great with goulash stew) $4.00
Orzo with parsley $5.00
Buttered poppy seed noodle $5.00

Candied carrot $4.00
Cauliflower casserole $6.00
Sweet and sour cabbage $6.00
Buttered peas $4.00
Mixed seasonal vegetables $5.00
Creamed spinach $6.00
Sweet turnip and carrot puree $5.00

Deserts serves one

Apple crumble $5.00
Simple Chocolate cake $5.00 (no frosting)
Award winning Carrot cake $7.00
Bread and butter pudding $5.00
Kugel $8.00

Cream caramel $6.00

Jam Trifel $8.00

Tiramisu $6.00

Gluten free chocolate cake, simple but rich, serves 8 $20.00

More items available on request

Gluten Free Whole Chocolate cake serves 8 $20.00

Jan 2024