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Have you ever wanted to spice up your life with flavor and variety? If so, how about trying Grayson's Catering New line of spices! We have over 20 varieties of spices; some are unique to Grayson's Catering only. We blend all our own spice mixes and can fill custom orders for large quantities. Perfect for stocking suffers or for party favors. Really wonderful as table cards too. You know that you will be the talk of the town. We can customize the labels for you too. There is no MSG in any of our spices or fillers. Just pure flavor! Why not try a sample of everything. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

OVER 21 different flavors of spices
Grayson's Catering All purpose seasoning
Cayenne pepper
Curry salt
Hand blended sweet Curry
Crushed chilies
Whole Dried sage
Pure Saffron
Morrocan Cinnamon
Mushroom Dust, sold out
Fragrant Rosemary
Lemongrass salt, sold out
Whole Fennel seeds
Poultry seasoning
Hand blended Hot salt
Spinach salt, sold out
Zhattaar, our own blend
All spices are peanut and gluten free
Chili powder
Black/white sesame seeds
Tomato salt
Tower of Spices (the best thing since the pepper grinder!)

When you get your spices how do you use them???

Grayson's Catering All purpose seasoning
This is a all purpose spice blend, you can use it on chicken, vegetables, rice, as an everyday seasoning or you can take half the package and rub in on baby rack ribs and cook low and slow on the bbq. Use it instead of salt to season everything you make. On roasted meats or as a rimmer for a Caesar or bloody mary. That’s original. For a seasoning for fried chicken or fried zucchini. It’s the spice that has a million uses. Use in crab stuffed mushroom or how about in all your braised dishes like osso bocco. This has no MSG and is wonderful as a table salt too. This is one of our spices featured in our "Tower of Spices".

Chicken stock
You know when you have a soup that is missing a little something? Well add a little chicken stock and voila you have a great soup. Take 1 package of stock place in a pot, add 4 cups water, bring to a boil when boiling, Wisk in 2 beaten eggs with 1/2 cup Parmesan. Great Italian Chicken soup in less than 5 minutes. Garnish with parsley. When you are making rice use fully prepared chicken stock instead of water and your rice will be the best it has ever been. Add frozen peas to the rice and you will be a star. Add some chicken for a full dinner.

Cayenne pepper
Wonderful on all types of food. Crumble this whole spice into your chili, soups, and stews or add to potatoes salad or into broths to add a little zip. Great in curries or Thai foods.

Curry salt
What can’t you do with this spice, in chicken salad with raisin, extra yummy in your mashed potatoes, wonderful in mulligatawny soup, great in risotto with prawns or the mussels? A hint on your eggs will make them taste exotic and a dash in your spanikopita will make people ask you for the recipes. Just tell them it is your little secret. This is one of our spices featured in our "Tower of Spices".

Crushed chilies
This is the best on pizzas or in chunky type soups, fabulous Szechwan Chinese stir fry’s, great in cream sauce with crab, how about added into a gumbo or goulash, flavorful and spicy. This is one of our spices featured in our "Tower of Spices".

Dried sage
I love sage in stuffing but I really love it in cream gravy for chicken fried steak. Veal pan seared with a little butter and olive oil and caper, last minute you toss in dried sage. In salttibocca or in a ragu of pork with tomatoes and olives. This spice is whole and needs to be rubbed between your fingers to release its entire luscious flavor.

The world’s most expensive spice brought to you at cost. Perfect in broths, risotto, paellas, bouillabaisse, (fish stew). A soft elegant flavor that will make your guests ask for seconds. This is the most wonderful gift to give your friends and family any time. Adds a golden natural color to any hot liquid. Add this to your chicken soup to make it taste like heaven.

Vegetable stock
Perfect for all you vegetarian dishes. Great for leek and potato soup, chowders, seasoning for sauces and even just as a simple starter broth, add fresh vegetables and there is dinner. Use in rice instead of water and your rice will only benefit from its flavor.

Imported Madagascar cinnamon freshly ground right before we pack it. Apple pie would not be the same without it. For all your dessert needs. You can’t be without this essential spice. What would cinnamon buns be without cinnamon and they are great in cookies. To make latte flavored chocolate chip cookies just add 1 tablespoon to your batter and you will have the best cookie s in the world.

Mushroom dust
Beef will sing once you dust a roast with it. Use in your mushroom soup to add body and extra flavor. Mushroom dust makes any meal more mouthwatering. Perfect on scramble eggs and to jazz up your grilled pork chops. Brilliant on grilled eggplant or bbq tofu. Roll tenderloins into this sophisticated blend and you will have a restaurant style flavor in no time. Us it as a plate garnish to make your plates look beautiful.

Whole herbs are so aromatic, used on lamb or on souvlaki. Wonderful for Rosemary beer prawns or in a stuffing for roast pork. 1000’s of uses for this great spice. Why not make rosemary shortbread this year for a twist on the traditional, go on, be unique. Adds the most wonderful flavor to butter. Dip steamed clams into rosemary butter. To die for.

Lemongrass salt
I love this salt in a trio of salts. I place 3 different types on salt on a plate (my favorites are lemongrass salt, Spinach salt and Beet salt) on a plate and let my guests choose which one they want to spice their meal with. What a conversation piece! Great with simple grilled chicken or serve with a mixed green salad with pears, blue cheese and a simple vinaigrette and let them customize there own meals. You will be the host with the most. You can use this spice in all your Thai cooking to make it taste authentic.

Fennel seeds
I love making garlic bread with this and crushing the fennel and sprinkling it onto the toast. So good. I also like it with sauté onions in olive oil add whole fennel with garlic as a side dish or add prawns for a full meal. Make sure that you season the fennel prawns with Grayson’s Catering All purpose seasoning. This is a must in fish stew with tomatoes and garlic and perfect in a baked fish with sliced fried onions.

Poultry seasoning
Stuffing without our poultry season would just be just bread but add Grayson’s Catering’s whole spice poultry seasoning and you will have the best stuffing under the sun. Here is a little chef tip: make sure that you have lots of onions, celery and mushrooms in your stuffing along with your poultry seasoning and add Grayson’s Catering All purpose seasoning salt to give it a great flavor. This is one of our spices featured in our "Tower of Spices".

Hot salt
What can’t you do with this spice? It is like salt with a kick. It is one of our 7 spices featured in our "Tower of Spices". This will all zip to any dish that needs a little help. This spice had a mild heat and is great on fish with grilled onions or anything you can imagine.

Spinach salt
Popeye would love this. Minestrone will be award winning once you add a hit of spinach salt. Beautiful as a plate garnish like you see in fancy restaurants. Hamburgers will have a great flavor and gourmets will love to make dressing or pasta dishes with this spice. With this spice not only are you adding flavor but also you are adding vitamins to you meal. Extra iron and vitamin c. Use in your meatballs or in your spaghetti sauce. Add to curries too.

This is like the Mrs. Dash of the Middle East. This spice has no salt at all. This is my all time favorite spice. We blend 12 different types of herbs and spices to get this. The base is oregano and sesame seeds with peanuts in the back round. This spice is great on Toasted pita bread with a drizzle of honey and dusting of zhataar. I sprinkle it on meats before grilling. I pan sear flour dusted cheese and squeeze lemon and add a dash of zhataar to the dish. So good my mouth is watering. Great for marinates or to use in a salad dressing. I could go on for days, just try it. You will love it!! This is one of our spices featured in our "Tower of Spices".

Beet salt
Used as a plate decoration or in borsht, beet salt add a ton of flavor to you best dishes. Add to a pizza sauce for extra pizzazz. Add to a cream sauce to make a pink pasta sauce that will be a delight to your eyes as well as your senses. Great in deviled eggs and in salad dressings. This is one of our spices featured in our "Tower of Spices".

Chili powder
Casseroles, stews, chilies, gumbo, bbq sauces, meatloaf, grilled peppers, liver, to make spiced butters for steaks, paella, in rubs and marinates, the list goes on and on. I love in on lavash bread with butter and a little Zhataar. Flavorful but not spicy. Nice in meat pies too.

Black/white sesame seeds
Have you ever had a plate of food that just needs something? Well this is the something that it needs. Lovely as a garnish but take a piece of salmon and dip it into the seeds and pan sear until done and sprinkle with a little Grayson’s Catering All Purpose salt and you have a yummy entrée. To make a meal sauté spinach in butter with fresh garlic and a little spinach salt and serve with risotto made from saffron and Grayson’s Catering vegetable broth and you have a healthy, low fat, low carb and light calorie dinner. Easy and simple.

Tomato salt
On fries it taste great and any fried foods that need flavor. Tomato soup gets an extra bolt of flavor and it is wonderful in salad dressings or even in creamed meats. Awesome on a rib eye steak or grilled pork chops. It’s that special something that makes food taste great!